Eyebrow Transplants: Enhance Fullness to Thinning Brows

Originally intended for accident or burn victims and those with hormonal abnormalities or other illnesses preventing hair growth in the eyebrow area, eyebrow transplants or eyebrow restoration surgeries have also become popular cosmetic procedures for those who may have over-plucked or have small areas of hair loss to be touched up due to aging or family history.  This procedure is meant to restore and grow hair to eyebrow areas that are overly thin, scarred or completely missing.

It is important to have this procedure performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in hair transplantation and has the experience necessary to create a result that matches the patient’s facial features for a truly natural look, including arch shape, space between brows, and brow length. Because the procedure uses the patient’s own hair, eyebrow transplants are difficult to detect and look completely natural because it is the patient’s own hair.

At Bangor Plastic and Hand Surgery, there are two different ways to accomplish fuller eyebrows through hair transplant. One method is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which removes inpidual hair follicles from a different area of the body. The hair in the donor area will need to be shaved short. Then, the extracted hair follicles are transplanted to fill in the gaps of the eyebrow.

The second procedure involves Strip Harvesting, where an extended strip of hair from a graft site on the back of head is removed. The hair follicles from the strip are then separated and transplanted into the sparse areas of the eyebrow. Note that strip harvesting does not require a major hairstyle change because you will not need to shave your hair short.

In both situations, perfect placement of the microscopically-dissected grafts of transplant hair follicles into angled miniscule incisions is necessary to mimic natural hair growth in the right direction. Both are very delicate procedures meant to minimize scarring and damage to existing hair follicles. Usually performed under a mild sedative, these procedures are relatively painless.

The goal for both the FUE and Strip Harvesting procedures is to fill out the areas of the eyebrows that are sparse or non-existent, using hair from other parts of the body. Following eyebrow hair transplant, the hair goes through a period of resting for about 4 months ““ also known as the telogen phase ““ then the hair will begin to grow.

At Bangor Plastic and Hand Surgery, we know the decision to have plastic surgery is extremely personal and every patient’s goals are unique.  Our board certified plastic surgeon and qualified staff strive to provide you excellent patient care, comfort, and state of the art services in a warm, friendly environment that includes a private, AAAASF accredited, cosmetic only operating room.

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