"Nothing seemed to work for my migraines.
Dr. Branch was my last resort."


Migraine Treatment

Dr. David Branch has been performing and teaching migraine surgery since 2002, when he founded the Northeast Migraine Surgery Center. He has treated innumerous migraine trigger sites on patients nationwide, and internationally from as far away as Dubai. The majority of his patients are now referred from neurologists, as well as from other reputable headache specialists.
A faculty member at the annual International Migraine-Headache Symposium, Dr. Branch is trained in Microsurgery and Peripheral Nerve Surgery, as well as cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He operates at two local hospitals, our outpatient surgery center, and our in-house fully accredited cosmetic operating room.

Dr. Branch's interest in nerve and microsurgery emerged when he began using the microscope in medical school at UAB. After medical school, he was trained in general surgery at The University of Virginia and Maine Medical Center. He went on to Plastic and Reconstructive surgery residency in Cleveland, Ohio, where he trained under Dr. Bahman Guyuron in cosmetic and migraine surgery. Finally, Dr. Branch completed a fellow- ship year of Microsurgery at the Buncke Clinic in San Francisco. Preferring to raise his children in a beautiful small-town environment, Dr. Branch and family relocated to Bangor, ME in 2000. Here Dr. Branch has pursued a broad-based practice, with recent concentration on Migraine, Cosmetic and Microsurgical and other types of breast reconstruction.

More About Dr. Branch

Dr. Branch's first migraine patient was a chronic sufferer who had visited multiple headache centers around the country, including month-long admissions for intractable pain. She became immediately pain-free after her surgery in Bangor. With her subsequent exposure on TV news and in various publications, the Northeastern Migraine Surgery Center began. Since then, patients from all over the U.S. and the world have visited Dr. Branch. The surgery is performed almost entirely in an outpatient setting, with patients returning home or to a hotel room the same day. Gradually, migraine surgery has gained a foothold in mainstream care - Dr. Branch is now seeing many patients at the request of neurologists. Patients from Canada, particularly Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Quebec, can drive to Bangor for consultations and surgery. Patients are evaluated at the new facility near downtown Bangor and have their surgery either at one of the local hospitals or at Dr. Branch's outpatient surgery center less than a mile from Dr. Branch's office. The success rate for the treatment is 90%, with at least a 50% reduction of migraine symptoms. Approximately 35% of patients no longer experience headaches. Dr. Branch's first patient has gone from chronic daily headaches to ONE headache over the span of 9 years since the day of her surgery.