Repair Your Gauged Earlobe

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Ear gauging is a trend where individuals stretch the earlobe to create a hole in the earlobe tissue for cosmetic purposes. However, this can often result in the earlobe stretching beyond where it can return to its original shape. If you aren't happy with the look of your lobes, contact Surface Aesthetics. We perform earlobe repair procedures at our office in Bangor, ME.

The gauge closure process depends on the patient. If the patient plans to pierce or gauge the ear, the technique will be different. Contact us today to learn more about our earlobe repair procedure.

Reasons you might want to consider ear lobe repair surgery

While you may appreciate the aesthetic of a gauged earlobe, it can eventually lead to discomfort. Earlobe repair surgery can help to:

  • Close the gap or hole in your earlobe
  • Remove keloids and scarring from your ear
  • Make your ears look more natural
  • Boost your confidence

Contact Surface Aesthetics to schedule a consultation for our gauge closure procedure.