Why Winter Is A Great Time to Consider Plastic Surgery

Most surgeons see a large increase in plastic surgery requests during the winter, beginning just before the holiday season. At first glance, that may seem strange ‘“ but the winter months actually offer several advantages for those thinking of a nose job or breast augmentation. In fact, despite the shorter days and colder weather, winter can be the perfect time of year to opt for plastic surgery.

A smooth, quiet recovery.

Most plastic surgery requires some down time for recovery, and for more complex procedures like a tummy tuck or facelift, it may be a few weeks before you can safely return to work. The cold, snowy winter months are a great time to stay indoors and recover in privacy, especially for individuals who need to avoid direct sunlight after surgery. What’s more, cold weather garb like scarves and hats can help conceal the signs of surgery while healing.

Time away from the grind.

The pace at work can really slow down during the first part of the New Year, and businesses often allow more flexible hours around the holidays. That creates a great opportunity to schedule a winter ‘staycation’ around your surgery ‘“ an extended space to rest and relax at home, catch up on tasks around the house, or spend time with friends and family, without having to take a leave from your job, or answer too many questions at the office.

A new year and a new you.

What better way to start off the New Year than with a fresh look? As the season changes, plastic surgery can offer a way to celebrate your natural vitality and look as good as you feel inside. Plus, opting to have a procedure after the busy holiday season means you’ll have more time to research, ask questions, and weigh all your options.

Whatever your inspiration, remember that plastic surgery is a personal decision that should be made for you, and not to meet someone else’s standards or ideals. It’s also important to be completely candid with your surgeon during your consultation, so that he or she can help you find the best and safest procedures to meet your cosmetic goals.

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photo credit: Alaskan Dude via photopin