Earlobe Gauge Pinwheel Closure and Piercing Reversal Surgery

Sometimes even the smallest changes on a person’s appearance can affect their confidence and self-esteem. Ears, for example, may not be a person’s most noticeable feature, but for someone who is unsatisfied with the way their ears look, a small cosmetic improvement can make all the difference in the world.

Bangor-Plastic-and-Hand-Surgery-Earlobe-Gauge-Closure-and-Piercing-Reversal-SurgeryThe human earlobe is made up of delicate tissue and fat, which can be easily damaged. In fact, if an earring is tugged on too hard, or if heavy earrings are worn over a long period of time, the tissue may tear or stretch””giving the earlobe an elongated look. Similarly, gauged ears also cause the earlobe tissue to tear and stretch, sometimes causing an undesired look.  The good news is our board certified plastic surgeon at Bangor Plastic and Hand Surgery can restore the appearance of your ears and bring your confidence to a whole new level through earlobe gauge and piercing reversal surgery!

Earlobe gauge and piercing reversal surgery is a relatively simple outpatient procedure, performed in our private, accredited, cosmetic only operating room with local anesthesia. Your time in surgery may vary based on the extent of the earlobe reconstruction, but it usually takes under an hour for each ear. If your lobe is fully split, the surgeon will connect the two sides of the lobe using sutures to minimize notching that can occur at the edge.  If your lobes are gauged, a double pinwheel closure is performed on the outer and inner lobe skin to avoid elongation and an unnatural appearance of the lobe.

The cost of earlobe gauge or piercing reversal surgery can vary depending on the condition of the gauge and the type of procedure necessary to restore the earlobe to an aesthetically pleasing state.  The procedure is a great alternative to hiding your ears or avoiding your favorite earrings, and it might even be a requirement to land the job of your dreams.

Boost your confidence and feel comfortable with showing off your ears again this summer.  Set up a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon at Bangor Plastic and Hand Surgery to discuss your earlobe gauge or piercing reversal surgery. Call 207-947-5657 or toll-free at 1-888-501-1855 today!